Kids Clothes Week….Update!

Okay, so I’ve not got nearly as much done as I’d hoped to…but for good reason!  I’ve had a few new orders come for my Little Yellow Birdie shop….so I’ve been sewing for other kids – does that count???

Probably not…

Anyway, I’ve managed to get another little Flashback Skinny Tee done for Levi, which he is very happy with (especially since it’s made out of one of his Daddy’s old t-shirts which was one of his faves…the monster tee!)


And in a desperate attempt to stop my Ruby from feeling left out, I whipped up a quick pair of pj pants for her from some rather gorgeous vintage flannel…

Meanwhile there’s only really half a day of KCW left….argh! I’ve not got nearly as much as I’d thought I would, but it’s more than I’ve got done in one week for a long time – so I guess it’s served as the motivation I’d hoped it would

And next time round – I’ll be doing much more planning in advance – I’ve already got my eyes out for some projects in the back of my mind for Winter!








“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013”

Levi – watching him watch his Pa fix things was probably one of the most special moments in my week…those very familiar hands making some very special memories
Ruby – when did you get so grown up…my beautiful little girl


I love love love how much this project is making me get my camera out!  I have so many more beautiful photos to treasure than I normally would.  Thank you Jodi for the inspiration!

I think my fave from 16/52 would have to be Bradshaw & Sons – what gorgeous boys!

I’m joining in on the 52 project over at Che and Fidel – get on it! x

KCW Days 1 & 2

I’m a little behind getting this post up, but since Days 1 & 2 have only resulted in one item so far, I thought I’d wait and show you the finished product!

I’ve been hanging out to try Rae‘s “Flashback Skinny Tee” for ages…so long that I’ve been holding on to a ton of my hubs’ old t shirts which had cool prints, but he didn’t wear any longer.  

Last night I managed to get two cut out, and today one got finished (thanks to Levi’s ridiculously short nap today I ran out of time to finish the other – but the night’s still young…I may get it done yet!)

I’m so happy with how it turned out!  Though I do wish I’d made the size 3 – he’s only just turned 2 but he’s both tall and a little meaty, so he’s usually in size 2-3.  Anyway, it fits him just right now, which was perfect for our little photo shoot (on the way to pick up big sis from kindy…in three minutes…after he’d worn it and got texta all over it!!!)

Here’s the finished product (waiting for his lordship to wake up)




And here he is (pre-texta!)…


And a couple more shots outside by our big tree…


If you haven’t tried this pattern, get on it!  Rae’s sized it up for bigger kids too (pretty sure it goes up to a 12 now), and it’s super simple.  I’m really a novice with sewing stretch fabrics (or “knits”), but I found the pattern brilliant (as always) with lots of handy hints and photos.


And just one for the blooper reel – I think I tried to stick it on him too quick after he woke from his nap!!!



Happy Sewing!!!!!

Kids Clothes Week!!!

So, I’m super excited – I have decided (very last minute, as is my style) to participate in the “Spring” Kids Clothing Week…..which starts today!!!


Obviously, since I’m in the southern hemisphere it’s Autumn – but I’m so excited to get on board.  If you’re not familiar with it, Kids Clothes Week is a seasonal sewing challenge – one week per season – with the aim to commit to sewing for your kids for one hour per day during that week.  It’s a great way to get motivated if you’re in a sewing rut, or to finish of things you’ve put on the backburner for a while.


I have stashed away some of my hubs’ tees which I’ve loved and couldn’t bear to part with when they got a little hole, so they’ll be transformed into some Flashback Skinny Tee’s for my wee man (I just love Rae’s patterns, they’re so fab….if you’re not already following her, get on it – her blog is awesome


Play along!  And this season (for the first time I believe), you can share not just on flickr, but via Instragram too!  #kidsclothesweek and @kidsclothesweek


Stay tuned – I’ll be back tonight with some photos of my planning and fabric choices!




16/52 or 1/36…or something






Levi – he turned two this week…no more baby, now my big boy!

Ruby – such a busy little moppet, she requested paper, scissors, sticky tape and textas…luckily Mummy obliged, she emerged from the craft table with a beautiful book about Noah’s Ark for Levi’s birthday gift.  Complete with pictures of God, the Ark, Noah, the ladder and the rain.  

“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013” via Che and Fidel.



I’ve been wanting to join in on the 52 project since I first read about it via Che and Fidel and This Whole Family…suffice it to say I’m a little behind.  But I’m starting!  And in the interest of keeping in step with the project and not being confusing, I’m going to call it the 52 Project (and not the 36 project!!).

Stay tuned – I’m promising myself I will be diligent in taking photos and participating in the project for the rest of the year!!